RTP Training Process


Selection and Application

You must meet our RTP requirements and apply via airline apps. If selected we will  review your information with you with a screening call. If we can move forward we will bring you into to a face to face interview with us and we will get to know you and for you know us.

Interview Process

We will fly you down to our interview site and put you up in a hotel. We will have a company presentation and meet and greet. We will then break apart to one on one interviews and get to know you personally. We will develop a plan according to your current situation to get you started if you're successful.

Time Building and Rating Acquisition

When you are offered a CJO  you will need to build fixed wing time and get your fixed wing ratings. Your ratings will have to be acquired via your own funding or GI Bill at a partner school or school of your choice. Our estimates are 3-4 months to completion.

ATP/CTP Jet Transition**

Once you have completed your time building and got your ratings we will send you to get your ATP/CTP course and written. You will also attend a jet transition course to help you adjust to flying a big jet. Training is provided by veteran owned Bell Murray Aerospace. 

First Officer Training

You Will begin First Officer 737 training and will have a bit of training extras to help you transition to airline flying. First Officer Training will take about 45 plus days.


What availability time do I have to have to be eligible to interview?

If you are leaving active duty we can pursue about 120 days prior to separation, however we will discuss one on one for each special case, especially if you are already working on your ratings.

Will I be able to be home based out of Training?

Like any airline seniority is everything, basing will depend on need and availability. Typically junior bases are IWA or MIA, but everything is subject to change.

I have 500 hours total time as a Military Pilot am I eligible to apply?

Yes, you will have to time build with airplane PIC time to reach the 750 hours required by the r-ATP.

I am already doing time building while in service can I still apply?

Absolutely, list your availability date for us.

I have over 1500 hours, will i need a r-ATP?

No, most likely not, however you need to meet the requirements for a MEL ATP, which will require the 250 hours airplane PIC and your multi-engine rating.

**Swift Paying your ATP/CTP will incur a pro-rated training contract. However should you wish to pursue it on your own account, there will be no training contract.