Pathways to iaero


Conventional Pathway

This path is for pilots already flying part 91, 135 or 121. We're looking for motivated and hard working pilots looking to do something from the normal gate to gate flying!

Minimums and Requirements

  • 2500 hours preferred 
  • 500 hours Multi Engine Land
  • Turbine Time preferred
  • FAA ATP Multi Engine Land
  • US Citizen with Valid passport or Resident Alien with valid passport
  • No DUIs within 10 years. 
  • No travel restrictions
  • Pilot Bases are IWA, MIA and Home basing.

**Home Basing is contingent on company need and pilot selection via bid.


Military FW and Rotor Transition Program

We are excited to offer a Rotor Transition Program for Military Pilots ! If you are transitioning out or retiring, iAero can give you a career boost to flying a big airliner from a Military Helicopter! We also have opportunities for Fixed Wing Military pilots!

Minimums and Requirements:

  • 750 hours total time required. (includes 250hrs Airplane PIC)
  • Graduate of Military Flight Program
  • Commercial Instrument Rotary Wing Rating
  • Ability to self fund Fixed Wing ratings and time building to gain 250 hours Airplane PIC via own funds or GI Bill via partner school or own flight school.
  • US Passport with no travel Restrictions
  • No DUIs
  • Pilot Bases are MIA, IWA and Home Basing.
  • iAero Will pay for ATP/CTP and jet transition which will incur a pro-rated time commitment. If pilot wishes to use own funding for ATP/CTP training contract will not be necessary.


Southwest Airlines Destination 225

Southwest Offers a great opportunity to join us and become a First Officer for Southwest after meeting their requirements.

How does it work?

iAero is one of the pathway partners for Military Pilots transitioning to the civilian world of flying. You apply directly at Southwest's Destination 225 page. If selected you interview and if successful will go through transition training, ATP/CTP and become a First Officer with iAero for a pre-determined time, then you will be allowed to begin a class at Southwest Airlines. If you already meet their basic First Officer minimums you are not eligible.

Apply at Destination 225


ATP/CTP and Jet Transition Training

We are proud to partner with Bell Murray Aerospace to provide ATP/CTP and Jet Transition training for all our military candidates!